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Keeps your pool clean, autonomously

What am I you ask?

Well, to put it simply, I'm a robot that thoroughly cleans and helps manage your swimming pool. I have a companion app to keep you updated on all information concerning your pool and so that you could control all my functionalities. Go to Interact on the menu to view me in 3D.
Wanna see what I can do?

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Most Advanced Pool Chemisry

Chlorine and pH, the main disinfection combo, are the first line of defense against germs that can make swimmers sick. I ensure the free Cl- and pH concentration along with Hardness, Alkalinity and Phosphate level is properly maintained withiin the threshold by calculating the LSI index using 6 different chemical sensors. The requisite amount of disinfection chemical is regularly disbursed as per the calculated LSI value.

Customised To Your Need

Every pool is different, be it the infrastructure, building material, source water or physical dimension. I act as one common pal to each one of them by understanding the pain points which lie at the foundation of the pool's chemistry, not being optimised. My treatment methodologies vary from pool to pool whereas I act as the common point addressing all the problems, possible through my AI enabled knowledge.

Complete Autonomy

I believe in doing my job, all by my own. Andromeida has made me good enough to solely act as a physical and chemical cleaning solution. I like to swim alone without any extra wires and connections as I believe in cleaning in-situ and hence saving this precious resource, water.

World Class Service

I am built to provide a paradise inside the pool for you to swim safe and carefree. I am patented and thus tested rigorously before being brought to you to ensure cleaning which meets standards at a global level through my carefully coded senses and chemicals which I disperse as I go into your pool. The reports I produce are an audit and a live testimonial of certification which I perform for you to have the healthiest pool in the neighbourhood.

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